Thursday 12 June 2014

NPII brings Tim Hunt to China

Although officially retired, Sir Tim Hunt FRS remains a major character in British life sciences. Awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (which he shared with his colleagues Paul Nurse and Leland H. Hartwell), Hunt's discovery changed how we understand the process of cell division.

He discovered cyclinsa family of proteins that control the cell cycle by activating specific CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) enzymes. Cyclins were originally named because their concentration varies during the cell cycle; these days, we know that not all cyclins "cycle" throughout the process, but their catchy name stuck. The discovery of cyclins heralded an explosion of research interest in the cell cycle, and their central role in cell division has made them a focal point in cancer research, an area in which Dr Hunt worked for twenty years.

We at Nobel Media (in partnership with AstraZeneca) were delighted to invite Dr Hunt to take part in the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative in China in June 2014. This was Dr Hunt’s second NPII event – he also visited Manchester in 2010 - but China held a particular interest for Tim. He has long been fascinated with Chinese cookery thanks to an interest in chef and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop. So, rather uniquely for NPII, this trip combined science, communication and food!

First on the agenda was Shanghai, where Tim would meet young scientists from Fudan University, along with researchers at AstraZeneca's Zhangjiang campus.

The lecture was heavily subscribed and was followed by a fascinating Q&A session with the audience that covered everything from the role of cyclins in cancer to what it felt like to be awarded a Nobel Prize. It was also translated simultaneously into Mandarin by a very talented translator who was thoroughly briefed by Dr Hunt. After a busy media session with press and trade journalists, it was off to indulge Dr Hunt's other passion - Chinese cuisine! The local AstraZeneca team found a fantastic restaurant which allowed Tim to try lots of new foods, including roasted snake. But it was an early night for the team - next up was the large lecture theatre of Fudan University.

Dr Hunt was greeted like a celebrity at Fudan, mobbed by the huge group of students who attended his fascinating lecture, “Lessons from a Life in Science: How to Get a Nobel Prize”

During this lecture, Tim admitted that the name 'cyclin' really stemmed from his love of cycling around Cambridge on his yellow bike, and showed us his "Nobel Prize-wining gel" that confirmed his discovery...

Tim met with senior University officials from Fudan, including Dr Yi Zhun Zhu, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, and with a group of young scientists for an informal roundtable session. Here, the students asked questions on everything from Tim's thoughts on communicating research to the best things about being a scientist. It was a fun and very fruitful discussion, and all of the students left with a smile on their face :)

After a busy day, it was off to the airport to catch a flight westward to Chengdu, where Dr Hunt would meet researchers from the West China School of Medicine. Set in the heart of a bustling, vibrant city, Sichuan University is full of keen and eager students from all backgrounds, and they turned out in force to meet Dr Hunt! Before his lecture, Dr Hunt visited some of they key labs at Sichuan, meeting some researchers and a large number of fish!

Next it was on to an informal roundtable with some of Sichuan's best and brightest young researchers. This discussion turned out to be on of our very best sessions, covering issues from the state of research in China, through to impact factors and the challenges facing female scientists in academia. The entire session was filmed, and will soon appear on the website as a series of short clips

Dr Hunt was also given some lovely gifts from each of the venues he visited, but it seems that few made him happier than this panda scroll from Dr Li Weimin, Dean of West China School of Medicine!    

As with all of Dr Hunt's lectures, this one was completely over-subscribed, with close to 400 scientists and doctors filling the venue. During the Q&A, Tim took to the floor with his microphone and a fascinating discussion ensued! This lecture was filmed and will very soon be available to watch on the NPII site

We had a truly fantastic time in China, and it was a pleasure to once again work with our partners AstraZeneca, on this worthy initiative. As ever, we have shared a selection of photos from the event on the official page, where soon, the lecture and highlights videos will also appear. And please keep an eye on the website over the coming months, where we will share a series of short clips from the event, providing advice and insights from Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt


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